Media Training

By David Taylor

Monday, May 22, 2006

Television spokespeople have only a few minutes to get their message across. has media training sessions that will equip you with the crucial and time-sensitive media skills necessary to make a favorable impression.

No one is born knowing how to communicate via TV or how to make all their key points in four minutes. You need media training. Whether you are a corporate spokespeople or a CEO's who is effective public speakers may find media territory unfamiliar and unsettling. Their past experiences may not have prepared them for the physical environment of a television studio and the ongoing need to communicate complicated corporate messages quickly. Taking your messages into clear, compelling sound bites is the goal of every media training session.

Media interview training helps professionals become more skilled and confident on TV. The best media training sessions are personalized. concentrates on the particular style of each participant and with that each individual's specific organizational messages and problem areas.

In a related workshop for crisis communications training, will show you how to anticipate and effectively deal with unexpected crises, such as sudden layoffs, strikes, takeovers, mergers & acquisitions, or some controversial, potentially explosive issue that suddenly comes to the fore. Crisis communications training workshops show you how to maintain your "center" while in the midst of a "storm."